Fireseal Provider

Kirkfield Ltd sells a variety of products, all of which are high quality, all of which are designed to fulfil your rubber and adhesive needs. We’ve been trading these products since 2001 and have learnt not just the ins and outs of the market, but also the best ways to utilise our products for various situations.

Whether you’re looking for a closed cell foam converter, of which we have many, or even Fireseal products, which not only stop fire in its tracks but also contain anti-bacterial and fungal additives to reinvigorate the air and keep you safe.

Whatever the rubber & adhesive products, it’s likely we at Kirkfield sell it. If you know you need a rubber or adhesive solution to a problem in your workplace, but aren’t sure what would be best, our team of experts are more than ready to assist you, getting you on the right track to a purchase that will help you around the office and the work space.

To find out more about what we sell, or if you have any questions, get in contact on our website by filling out the provided form. Alternatively, give us a ring on: +44 (0) 1527 527797. We look forward to getting you what’s right for your rooms and workspaces.