Flame Retardant Sponge

Kirkfield are one of the most competitive manufacturers and sellers of a multitude of rubber and tape products. Each of these products fulfil many purposes and can be used in both normal environments, as well as non-traditional scenarios.

An example of one of these exceptional products is that of an expanded closed cell sponge, this EPDM sponge not only works as an exceptional quality sponging, giving it a variety of uses, but the material that makes up an EPDM sponge, that of the ethylene propylene diene monomer is able to perform effectively in both low temperatures of -40c as well as in temperatures up to 80c (100c intermittent), this means that the EPDM can be utilised as a flame retardant sponge, doing it’s job in a number of potentially dangerous scenarios. The sponge is long-lasting, durable and resistant to electricity.

Kirkfield’s EPDM flame retardant sponge is perfect for all kinds of construction, electrical engineering and automotive applications. Our EPDM is available in sheets, roll form, gaskets and strips. Whether you need a tape that’s flame retardant, durable or simply can do its job under stress, you’re looking for the high quality EPDM tape from Kirkfeild.

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