Where To Buy Flame Retardant Sponge

Neoprene is one of the top-rated flame retardant sponges, this synthetic rubber is used commonly within construction, electrical insulation, and engineering applications. The sponge itself is extremely resistant to chemicals, oils and is often used as a protective material within automotive applications.

Our KN002 Grade specifically offers excellent thermal resistance and conforms to all UL94 Standards. This makes it a popular choice for all manner of projects and builds. Buoyant, Waterproof, Moderately flexible and abrasion resistant, you’re certain to find a use for Kirkfield’s Flame Retardant Neoprene Sponge.

Neoprene sponge is available in sheets, continuous roll form, as well as gaskets and strips. With Kirkfield, the sponge can be manufactured at varying sizes from 1.5mm to 65mm thick. However much you need, for whatever purpose, we’re more than happy to get you what you’re looking for at competitive prices.

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