Filmic tapes

Filmic tapes

Polyester, Polypropylene & PVC Tapes

Kirkfield's filmic tapes are made using either polyester (PET), polypropylene or PVC. Filmic tapes help to provide additional strength and stability to otherwise weaker surfaces and provide good resistance to heat. They are particularly suitable for applications to smoother surfaces where it is possible to achieve a full contact between the two surfaces e.g. glass and metal.

Examples from our range include:
  • Hot Melt PET/PP Double Sided General Purpose Adhesion
  • Hot Melt PET/PP Double Sided High Grab
  • Modified Acrylic PET
  • Acrylic PET/PP
  • Low Tack/High Tack PET/PP (Differential Adhesion Values)
  • Perm/Peel

Perm peel tape

Kirkfield perm/peel is a polyester tape which provides a permanent adhesive on one side with a peel-able adhesive on the other. This allows you the option to reposition without damaging and remove the tape without leaving any adhesive residue behind.

Perm/peel is particularly good for signage applications including display graphics, exhibition displays and window displays. They can also be used as a protective film where surface protection is temporarily required.

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Other properties of Filmic tapes include

  Good heat resistance


  Immediate adhesion

  Good chemical resistance