Fire Rated Materials

New material available for the railway applications  according to EN 455452 for all 3 certified materials CNA, CIG3 & Low Smoke 33-4. For details please request inhouse.


Neoprene, a synthetic rubber, is a useful and versatile sponge typically used in construction, electrical insulations and engineering applications. Neoprene sponge has a resistance to many chemicals/oil and is often used as a protective material within automotive applications. Our KN002 grade specifically offers excellent thermal resistance and conforms to UL94 standards  making it one of our top rated, flame retardant materials.


Supersoft K-cell TM

An compressible material which is notoriously known for its excellent sound and thermal resistance. Meets BS476 Part 6.


PVC Nitrile

PVC Nitrile Class 'O' is a synthetic rubber which is mainly used for applications where excellent resistance towards oil, fuel and acid is required. PVC Nitrile  is a very reliable material which is commonly used within the automotive and construction industry. It is an ideal candidate for the production of seals, oil handling hose parts and air conditioning units.



Fireseal™ is an open cell acoustic foam which offers excellent sound absorption characteristics. This material has the ability to act as a membrane absorber across the full frequency spectrum including low, mid and high frequencies.

In addition to this, Fireseal™ also contains anti-bacterial and fungal additives which makes it a great choice for air conditioning manufactures and lining ducting.