Tape Products

Transfer Tapes

Transfer tapes are an unsupported film of adhesive which are available in varying coat weights meaning they can provide excellent conformity on uneven surfaces. These can be supplied in either full or stripe coated formats to suit your requirements.

Transfer applications include – envelope manufacturers, label manufacturers, felts & tight woven cloths.


Tissue Tapes

Good as an all rounder application, tissue tapes provide good conformity to most surfaces and are hand tearable for ease of application and as with most of our products are available with levels of adhesion to suit a wide range of applications.


Filmic Tapes

Kirkfield's filmic tapes are made using either polyester (PET), polypropylene or PVC. Filmic tapes help to provide additional strength and stability to otherwise weaker surfaces and provide good resistance to heat. They are particularly suitable for applications to smoother surfaces where it is possible to achieve a full contact between the two surfaces e.g. glass and metal.


Heat seal of (EVA)

EVA (heat activated ethylene - vinyl acetate) is a thermoplastic adhesive that is normally dry to the touch and offers no initial tack, but instead must be heated up when ready to use to allow the adhesive to melt and reactivate the bond. This type of film is used widely within the textile industry and can be used to bond a large variety of materials including non-woven, aluminium, PVC and most rubber components.


High Shear

High Shear tape good for hanging weight from a small bathroom hook to heavier mirror tiles and mirrors. Available in different shear strengths and formats from jumbo 1.2m wide rolls to small pads and fingerlift rolls.



Kirkfield's acrylic tapes are suitable for a wide range of applications and industries,  a few of which include automotive applications, construction, rail, packaging, aerospace and even medical.  Acrylic tapes provide high adhesion strength whilst also displaying excellent UV and weather resistance, thus making it a good all rounder.



Kirkfield perm/peel is a polyester tape which provides a permanent adhesive on one side with a peel-able adhesive on the other. This allows you the option to reposition without damaging and remove the tape without leaving any adhesive residue behind.


Fingerlift Tapes

Kirkfield's fingerlift tapes provide a double sided adhesion with a dry edge on either side. This dry edge allows the liner to be removed effortlessly which helps where speed of application is essential. Industries include envelope manufacturing, packaging,  arts & crafts and print finishing.



Information available upon request.


Stripe Coating

Stripe coating is a process whereby transfer adhesive is applied to a paper or filmic backing with dry gaps along the width. This is a particularly useful application for the envelope and packaging industry. All of our adhesives for this process are pressure sensitive hot melt, all tapes are made from order and specifically designed to meet the customer specification and width requirement.


Foam Tapes

Kirkfield have the capability to laminate or directly coat a wide variety of foams and rubbers and all of our products can be supplied with a single sided or double sided backing. Kirkfield's materials are available in different colours/grades, widths and thickness’ to suit the most demanding of applications and together with the wide range of adhesive backing and full conversion facilities, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of products in various formats.


Hot Melt Coating

Stepping aside from foam and rubber conversion, Kirkfield can also manufacture and produce hot melt tapes on site. Hot melt tapes provide a superior initial grab which is useful when an immediate bond is required, hot melt also offers a high shear value and is extremely flexible upon application.







  EPDM Sponge


  Neoprene sponge


  Edpm Blend


  Supersoft K Cell


  Fingerlift Tapes




  Pvc Nitrile


  PVC Foam