How to use Transfer Tape

How to use Transfer Tape

One of the popular adhesive products we manufacture is transfer tape. Self-adhesive transfer tape is used in manufacturing and industrial settings to laminate a variety of materials and apply graphics to any surface.

What is Transfer Tape?

Adhesive transfer tape, also known as ‘application tape’ or ‘transferring tape’, is an unsupported clear film with adhesive on one side. It is supplied in rolls of varying widths, and the adhesive coating in varying weights and in full or stripe coating. Some transfer tapes are reinforced with scrim for extra strength. Scrim-reinforced transfer tapes are useful for laminated foam and rubbers, or weak surfaces, as they have good conformity and stability. The transfer tape adhesive flows through the scrim to provide a strong bond, particularly on rough or open-cell foam surfaces.

Benefits of Transfer Tape

Transferring tape is popular in manufacturing settings for applying graphics and laminate for the following reasons:

  • Excellent conformity on uneven surfaces
  • Even coating of adhesive
  • Waterproof
  • Transparent
  • Easy to use

Available in a variety of sizes, strengths and adhesive types.

What is Transfer Tape Used For?

Most commonly, transfer tape is used for laminating surfaces, that is to coat surfaces in a thin layer of plastic. It is also popularly used in quickly applying graphics to surfaces. Some examples include:

  • Envelope manufacturing
  • Label manufacturing
  • Laminating felts & tight woven cloths
  • Applying vinyl graphics or stickers
  • Applying wall decals
  • Decorating mugs, plates and other objects
  • Laminating foam mats for ease of cleaning

When applying graphics by hand, transfer tape can help keep disconnected parts of the graphic in place while moving them from the backing paper to the surface. This transparent film is placed over the sticker or vinyl pieces, so users can see the graphic as they apply it and ensure proper placement on the substrate. Whether you are applying a small graphic to an envelope or a large graphic to a wall, transfer tape is a useful tool to support accuracy and even adherence.

How to Use Transfer Tape to Laminate Surfaces

While transfer tape is easy to use, the first time can be daunting. These transfer tape lamination instructions will help you make sure you get it right every time.

How to Use Transfer Tape to Laminate Surfaces

  1. Unroll a small amount of tape from the roll, e.g. 2-3cm
  2. Apply the unrolled amount to the edge of the substrate, overlapping by 0.5cm
  3. Smooth the edge to ensure there are no air bubbles trapped under the transfer tape.
  4. Unroll the tape further, keeping tension to avoid wrinkles or bubbles, and press it down to the substrate as you go.
  5. Continue alternately unrolling and pressing the transfer tape until you have covered the entire surface. You can use a brush or roller to ensure even pressure is applied to create a strong bond.
  6. Cut the tape away from the roll.
  7. Fold or trim the edges for a professional finish.

Different Sizes of Transfer Tapes Available for Sale

At Kirkfield Rubber & Adhesive Products, we accept orders of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for a bulk order of transfer tape for manufacturing or a single roll for a project, Kirkfield can supply adhesives to meet your needs.

We offer rolls of transfer tape in a variety of widths, with scrim or without. We can also apply adhesive in stripe-coating to work with your machinery as needed. Simply contact Kirkfield customer services to discuss your requirements and we’ll provide a quote and sample on request.